View of “El día es azul, el silencio es verde, la vida es amarilla... (The Day is Blue, Silence is Green, and Life is Yellow...),” 2017–2018, Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City.

Artists Break into Mexico City Museum to Protest Its Programming

A group of young artists has been accused of trespassing at the Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City after protesting its exhibition programming on January 7, according to Hyperallergic. After scaling the wall of the museum, which is operated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the artists broke windows, set off smoke bombs, and damaged a bronze artwork by Yolanda Paulsen. The artists felt that the museum had failed to be experimental and sent an email to local artists stating that museums should forge bonds with its community.

On January 9, the National Autonomous University announced that it was filing charges against the anonymous artists, who as a group take their name, Los Hemocionales, from Mexican painter Mathias Goeritz’s 1960 treatise Los Hartos (The Fed Up). “On the side of the museum, it seems quite violent to start a dialogue by throwing a rock through a window,” El Eco director Paola Santoscoy told Excélsior.

“We’re fed up with discourses that are in no way syntheses of our time and don’t reflect the true concerns of art that ask about our here and now,” the artists wrote in their email. According to a Facebook post by Mexico City art critic Eduardo Egea, several of the group’s members have exhibited work at El Eco.