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Artnews to Merge with Art in America

There’s big news on the art-publishing front: Artnews will be merging with Art in America, according to Brian Boucher in Artnet. The two magazines are both over a century old: Artnews was founded in 1902, and Art in America eleven years later.

Peter Brant, and his company BMP Media Holdings, will obtain a 47.61 percent stake in Artnews for $3.4 million, and he’ll in turn sell around 3,400,000 shares to Artnews’s Skate Capital, run by investor Sergey Skaterschikov, according to Reuters. The deal must still be approved by Artnews’ shareholders.

Art in America’s staff will move to Artnews’ offices, and both magazines will share digital content at Brant’s other publications, such as Interview, remain separate from the deal.