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Atoning for Tumultuous Times, Detroit Institute of Arts Gives Raises to Graham Beal and Colleagues

The Detroit Institute of Arts, the beleaguered museum which fought off attempts by the bankrupt city to sell its collection to appease creditors, has now announced raises of around forty-nine thousand dollars for Graham Beal, Annmarie Erickson, and Robert Bowen, reports the Washington Times. Though he retired last month, Beal had been the director, president, and CEO of the Detroit Institute of Arts since 1999, while Erickson is executive vice president and COO, and Bowen is vice president and CFO. The package also includes forgiveness of a $155,832 home loan for Beal and $285,000 in retirement severance.

“With the bankruptcy, these three people had an inordinate amount of additional work to get us where we are today: testifying at the trial, working within the requirements of the court,” said Gene Gargaro, museum chairman. “It was a second job for all three of these people.”

The general operating funds, which come from property taxes collected in Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland counties (the museum’s main source of operating revenue), will underwrite the package. A commissioner of Macomb County quibbled with the announcement: “If you can find private donations to support large bonuses, why can’t you find private donations to support the DIA without taxpayer support?”