Mark Bradford

Baltimore Museum of Art to Collaborate with Rose Museum on US Pavilion at 2017 Venice Biennale

The Baltimore Museum of Art and the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University have announced that they will collaborate on presenting the work of Mark Bradford for the US pavilion at the Fifty-Seventh Venice Biennale.

Commissioned by Baltimore Museum of Art director Christopher Bedford, who is curating the exhibition with the institution’s senior programming and research curator, Katy Siegel, Bradford’s work will be on view from May 13 to November 26, 2017.

“This wonderful collaboration enables us to dedicate the resources of two outstanding institutions in realizing Mark’s installation and all of the programming that will flow from it that is an essential part of his practice,” Bedford said. “Mark’s focus on under-represented urban communities and social justice aligns with the interests of both Brandeis and the Baltimore Museum of Art, so our working together with him to advance these goals will enhance the impact of this major new work.”

Previously, Bedford served as director of the Rose Art Museum. He was appointed head of the Baltimore Museum of Art in August and will oversee the partnership between the two institutions.