Baltimore’s the Contemporary Closes Again

Baltimore’s roving museum, the Contemporary, has once again adjourned operations. The organization, which went on a three-year hiatus before it relaunched in 2015, said that its two remaining employees had their final day of work on December 9. The Contemporary’s board of directors released a statement on Monday, December 18, to assure patrons that this does not mean the institution will be closed forever.

The board will dedicate the next several months to figuring out what the the Contemporary’s next chapter is, though it is still unclear when the nearly thirty-year-old institution will reopen. The board cited its failure to find a new executive director and financial struggles as the reasons for the closure.

“Funding is just not available, or funding is often relegated to institutions that are so much larger than The Contemporary. How does something like that sustain itself in a market like Baltimore?” said TC’s former artistic director, Deana Haggag, in conversation with Maura Callahan of the Baltimore Beat. “In the meantime, I understand that there’s a loss, but I think ultimately, it’s the right call to take time to figure it out,” Haggag continued. “And I think that Baltimore should try to advocate for a kind of protection for the institutions that they think really represent them.”