Beral Madra and Răzvan Ion Appointed Curators for 2018 Bucharest Biennale

Beral Madra and Răzvan Ion have been appointed curators for the 2018 edition of the Bucharest Biennale, scheduled to take place from May 17 to July 8, 2018, under the working title/concept “Edit Your Future.”

“This edition will explore the emerging ways of economical, political, and human interactions and their instruments of collaboration . . . and discuss the mechanism of this evolving phenomenon in different areas of contemporary art production, which has a key function in a city—socialization. The role of the artist and the curator in a biennale at a time of social polarization, political upset, ecological catastrophe, and all kinds of pressure is to respond by introducing multifarious ways through [art to] provoke new possibilities [and] critical thinking,” said Madra and Ion in a statement.

Madra is a writer and curator based in Istanbul. She organized the First and Second Istanbul Biennale and put together exhibitions of Turkish artists for five editions of the Venice Biennale. Ion is a writer and curator based in Bucharest. He has taught at UC Berkeley and the University of London, among other universities. He has also organized symposia at a number of cultural institutions, such as Rotterdam’s Witte de With and New York’s Art in General.