The Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Names Austin and New Orleans Organizations to Participate in $43 Million Arts Program

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced that twenty-six cultural organizations in Austin and twenty-seven organizations in New Orleans have been selected for its $43 million Arts Innovation and Management initiative, which aims to help strengthen the creative infrastructure of US cities. The multiyear program is inviting small and midsize nonprofit organizations from Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Denver, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC, to participate. Each organization will receive operating support, as well as arts management training.

“In Austin, we aim to ensure that our arts community is as healthy and vibrant as ever because it’s core to the identity of our city,” said Steve Adler, mayor of Austin. “This investment from Bloomberg Philanthropies will create the capacity for our emerging arts organizations to realize their potential and be better equipped to grow into mature organizations that will serve our community long into the future.”

Commenting on the initiative, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said, “The Arts Innovation and Management program will undoubtedly inspire, develop and strengthen many cultural organizations across New Orleans—large and small, established and emerging—and give them the tools to reach new levels of success.”

The AIM program is part of Michael Bloomberg’s American Cities Initiative, an effort to help cities across the United States generate innovation. More than two hundred cultural organizations have been chosen to participate and are being announced on a rolling basis throughout the summer and early fall. A list of the organizations that have already been selected can be found here.