Brian Duffy (1933–2010)

Roya Nikkhah reports for The Telegraph that Brian Duffy has died at the age of seventy-six from lung cancer. Duffy, together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, was part of trio of photographers known as the “Black Trinity,” who worked in the 1960s and were known for their portraits of actors, models, and musicians.

Paying tribute to his lifelong friend, Bailey, the only surviving member of the Black Trinity, said, “I will deeply miss arguing with him.” Giles Huxley-Parlour, the head of photography at Chris Beetles Gallery, worked with Duffy for over a year curating a retrospective exhibition at the gallery in 2009. “His photography embodied the youth culture epic that developed in the 1960s, and in fact he helped to develop it, blowing away the past of the stuffy 1950s class-ridden country, producing a much more meritocratic art scene with predominantly working class people making it big, without having to pretend to be posh.”

Duffy’s work was recently celebrated in a BBC Four documentary, “The Man Who Shot the Sixties,” in which contributors to the program remembered him during the height of his career.