Bronx Museum of the Arts Announces New Downtown Space at 80 White Street

The Bronx Museum of the Arts announced today that it will open a new exhibition space in 2019 in New York’s downtown TriBeCa neighborhood. The space will focus on supporting the museum’s forty-year AIM (Artist in the Marketplace) program, which provides professional development tools—including training in exhibition documentation, installation, and design—for emerging New York City–based artists.

The new space will host thirty-six emerging artist fellowships and ten residencies for alumni artists such as Jacolby Satterwhite, Diana Al-Hadid, Abigail DeVille, and LaToya Ruby Frazier. Its 4,500-square-feet space at 80 White Street—where the nonprofit gallery Artists Space is also set to open its new location next year—will feature private workspaces, meeting rooms, and exhibition spaces. It is funded by a gift from long-time Bronx Museum supporters Martin Weinstein, Gerald Weinstein, and Teresa Liszka, who also founded the nonprofit Art in General in 1981. 

“Room for artists to work, think, and experiment is vital, and this new program at 80 White Street will afford exactly this opportunity,” said Deborah Cullen, executive director of the Bronx Museum of the Arts. “We are committed in our advocacy for artists and to the importance of programs like AIM.”