Phong Bui

Brooklyn Rail Sees Mass Exodus of Staff and Board

On Friday, May 19, more than twelve of the Brooklyn Rail’s staff and board members resigned, writes Benjamin Sutton of Hyperallergic. The reason for the mass exodus from the nonprofit journal, which started off as a weekly broadsheet almost twenty years ago, is unknown. Among those who left are art director Maggie Barrett, managing editor Laila Pedro, consulting editorial director Amy Ontiveros, and managing director Sara Christoph. Under their purview, contributors were paid for their contributions, which was not the policy before.

“The June 2017 issue of the Brooklyn Rail will be the last produced by the current team, and will appear as usual at the beginning of the month,” says a statement from the periodical. “We have already and seamlessly hired a new and enlarged staff team, as well as secured additional board support. The Rail will therefore fully continue its ongoing mission to enliven the arts and writing community,” said Phong Bui, the Rail’s cofounder and current artistic director. Information about new staff and board members, however, has not yet been made available.

The journal does not have an editor in chief, which allows the editors of various sections—such as theater, dance, poetry, and fiction—a great deal of independence. The Rail is published ten times a year. Twenty thousand copies of each issue are printed and distributed to bookstores, museums, galleries, and nonprofit art spaces.