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Brooklyn’s Signal Gallery to Close

Signal is closing, the Bushwick­-based gallery announced on its website. It staged the first solo or New York–based exhibitions of work by Sophie Hirsch, Rachel Rossin, Fin Simonetti, Madeline Hollander, Ivana Basic, FlucT, and others. “GDPR: Group Display of Paintings & Renderings,” a group show with Sedrick Chisom, Alex Gardner, Haley Josephs, Kristina Lee, Paul Anthony Smith, and Margaux Valengin, which closed on August 5, was its last exhibition.

“If there is something that unites the artists we tend to work with, it’s people who actually really care about art—where art means something more to them than a job or potential career,” Alexander Johns—one of three founders who opened the space in 2012—said in a New York Times Magazine interview in 2015. Johns opened the gallery in 2012 with Kyle Jacques and McKenzie Ursch, in an industrial building where they hosted countless performances, lectures, shows, and local events like the Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair.

“We thought it would honestly be funny and interesting to have a place that had nothing to do with economics in this city,” Clairmont Jacques told Artnews. “We realized that, when faced with the opportunity to ‘scale up’ and professionalize, that actually had very little to do with why we started in the first place. . . . Like most good things in life, if we’d understood what it was going to take to do it, we never would’ve been stupid enough to jump into the pit.”

Signal is the latest in a spate of recent midsize New York gallery closures, in part due to rising financial pressures and decreased market interest in emerging art. Brooklyn-based Real Fine Arts closed in April, and Cleopatra’s shuttered its doors in May.

The gallery will host “NO SIGNAL,” a farewell celebration, on Friday, November 2.