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Brutal Winter Pushes Up Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's $1.5 Million Roof Renovation

Boston’s brutal winter last year, with its total of 110 inches of snow, has led the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to move ahead of schedule, beginning its $1.5 million project to either revamp or replace all the roofs that cover the building, reports the Boston Globe’s Malcolm Gay. This phase of construction was originally slated to begin in the next two to three years, but leaks caused by extreme weather, which “affected” some sculptures, have accelerated original plans.

“The top-line consideration is always mitigation of risk to the collection and preserving the objects,” said curator of the collection Christina Nielsen, who said that no works in the collection saw permanent damage. “I feel extremely confident that this is the right thing to be doing in the right manner, and this is the right time.”

Repairs will go through the end of 2016. The Chapel Room will close for roughly three months, and then the entire second floor will also shut down, for a nine-month stretch starting next spring, while workers redo the roof over the Tapestry Room.