Dimitri Chamblas. Photo: Roxanne Lagache

CalArts Names Dimitri Chamblas as Dean of Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance

The California Institute of the Arts has announced that Dimitri Chamblas, the former artistic director of the Paris Opera’s creative digital platform, 3rd Scene, has been chosen as the new dean of the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance. Chamblas will begin his tenure with the start of the fall semester.

“Dimitri has a worldwide reputation as both a performer and creative force in the world of dance,” said CalArts president Ravi Rajan. “He is a visionary who believes in innovation and collaboration. His ability to work across many genres makes him an ideal fit for CalArts. We are thrilled that Dimitri chose CalArts as the next step in his prolific career.”

Chamblas joined the Paris Opera’s celebrated dance school at age ten, which inspired him to become a professional dancer. During his career, he has collaborated with performers, visual artists, designers, and composers such as Regine Chopinot, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Richard Alston, Andy Goldsworthy, Christian Boltanski, William Forsythe, and Heiner Goebbels. He has taught widely, including at the Dance Institute of Beijing, at the French Higher National Conservatory, and on the streets of Paris in the form of urban workshops. With choreographer Boris Charmatz, Chamblas cofounded the acclaimed dance company EDNA in 1992. Their duet À bras le Corps (Head On), 1993, has been performed on every continent in the world and, this year, entered the repertoire of the Paris Opera.

“For me, CalArts represents a significant opportunity to influence the future of American dance,” Chamblas said. “All of the ingredients are there—amazing teachers, talented dancers and choreographers, and a learning culture that truly celebrates collaboration and new ideas. That CalArts is located in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the US, positions it perfectly to be a major source of twenty-first century dance.”