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Cartoonist’s Widow Files Lawsuit Against Charlie Hebdo

Le Parisien reports that Gala Renaud, widow of Michel Renaud, one of twelve people killed by the Kouachi brothers at the Charlie Hebdo offices in January 2015, has filed a lawsuit against the satirical newspaper. Renaud alleges that after collecting millions of euros following the attack, the paper’s directors have not made good on promises to compensate families of the victims. The lawsuit specifically targets the new coeditor of Charlie Hebdo, Laurent Souriseau, also known as Riss, who was injured in the shoulder during the shooting.

Responding to Renaud’s accusations in an e-mail addressed to regional newspaper La Montagne, a Charlie Hebdo representative wrote, “We are surprised and shocked. We have always said that the proceeds from the sale of the newspaper should be devoted to ensure its sustainability.” However, in February 2016, Le Figaro reported that contributions collected by the organizations Press and Pluralism via the website (which at that date amounted to nearly $3 million) and Friends of Charlie Hebdo ($1.7 million) should be donated to the victims of the attacks and the families of those killed.

Central France’s L’Espace Loup is currently exhibiting drawings by Philippe Honoré and Tignous (Bernard Verlhac), two staff cartoonists who were killed during the terrorist attack. The show, which runs through August 14, is part of an international drawing festival held in Saint-Just-le-Martel each year.