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Charlie Hebdo’s New Drawing of Syrian Toddler Sparks Controversy

In the most recent edition of French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo, under the heading “The covers you were spared,” a drawing portrays a drowned child face down in the sand, juxtaposed with a billboard that reads “Two children’s menus for the price of one,” according to Alexandra Zavis for the Los Angeles Times.

Evoking the photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi that spread around the globe, the image has sparked indignation among commentators. (As Zavis wrote, Charlie Hebdo “has a history of courting controversy with shocking and sometimes crude depictions of society’s sacred cows.”)

“Dear #CharlieHebdo: you have the right to be offensive, it’s not a duty. Did you really need to mock a dead kid?” wrote one Twitter user. Others asked if “Je suis Charlie” was still a rallying cry.

Defenders of the paper included a Twitter user who responded, “Confused at how many see this as mocking the dead child, not tastelessly and un-cleverly mocking Euro shallowness.”