A public statue of a giant rooster that looks like President-Elect Donald J. Trump in Taiyuan, China.

China Installs Rooster Statue that Resembles Donald Trump

A public statue of a giant rooster that bears a striking resemblance to President-elect DonaldTrump, from his signature hairdo to his hand gestures, has been erected outside a shopping mall in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan, Mike Ives of the New York Times reports.

Designed by Casey Latiolais, a Seattle-based illustrator and animator, the twenty-three-foot-tall fiberglass sculpture was commissioned by the real estate company Beijing Reliance Commercial Land to celebrate the year of the rooster in the Chinese lunar calendar. Latiolais did not provide a reason why he made the rooster a Trump look-alike.

The public’s reaction to the strange effigy has been mostly positive. A range of merchandise inspired by the Trump rooster is now being sold by a number of vendors. Inflatable Trump chickens are being sold at Taobao, an online shopping bazaar.