Scene from Chinese TV show Addiction.

China to Ban TV Shows Depicting Gay Relationships, Underage Romance, and Smoking

Officials in China are now cracking down on television, applying rigorous censorship rules that will be merged with criteria for online content as well, according to the New York Times’ Amy Qin.

Writes Qin: “New guidelines lay out an array of subjects that will be prohibited, including depictions of gay relationships, underage romance, extramarital affairs, smoking, witchcraft, and reincarnation. In addition, scenes of war or historical events that ‘hurt the feelings of the Chinese people’ or are ‘harmful to the unity and sovereignty of the country and its territorial integrity’ will not be allowed.”

Video websites will also be required to maintain in-house censors with training from the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, Publication, Television, and Press. Qin notes that a Chinese TV show titled Addiction was canceled. It was a saga about gay high school students.

Foreign publishers were banned by China, just recently, from publishing content online, as previously reported here.