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Christo Awarded Insignia of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters

Coming hot on the heels of several other awardings of France’s Order of Arts and Letters, Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, or “Christo,” will similarly be honored with the insignia of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters next Monday at the Payne Whitney Mansion in New York, home to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Christo is a multimedia artist best known for large-scale temporary works of art in collaboration with his late wife, Jeanne-Claude. Notable pieces include Wrapped Reichstag, 1995, in which they wrapped Berlin’s Reichstag in fabric; The Pont Neuf Wrapped, 1985, in which they swathed Paris’s Pont Neuf bridge in sand-colored cloth; and The Gates in New York City’s Central Park, 2005, in which more than 7,000 bright orange vinyl watches were hung along paths in Central Park.

Born in Bulgaria, Christo dropped out of Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts and began his career in France, where he met Jeanne-Claude.