Kværnhus (Water mill), Nikolai Astrup’s missing woodcut. Photo: City of Oslo Art Collection.

Citizens of Oslo Ask for Help in Locating City’s Missing Artworks

The city of Oslo is asking its citizens to help locate about sixteen hundred missing artworks, writes José da Silva of the Art Newspaper. The works, however, have not been recorded as stolen but instead been classified as “not found.” Among them are a small painting of cherries by Inger Munch (Edvard’s sister), painter Christian Krohg’s portrait of the writer Jonas Lie, and a woodcut by Nikolai Astrup. The Norwegian tabloid Dagbladet even set up a webpage with a list of all the pieces that have disappeared from the City of Oslo Art Collection.

Oslo’s art collection was founded in 1946 and is made up of more than nineteen thousand items. Works are on display in nearly one thousand sites throughout city, including nursing homes, schools, and fire stations.