Cleveland Museum Director Resigns Suddenly

Steven Litt reports in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that David Franklin, who has directed the Cleveland Museum for the past three years, will be resigning from his post for personal reasons, effective immediately. Franklin is departing just as the museum nears the end of its eight-year-long expansion and renovation, which cost nearly $350 million. Fred Bidwell, a museum trustee who has twice served as the Akron Art Museum’s president, will work in Cleveland as interim director while the board seeks someone to fill Franklin’s shoes. Asked about the fact that Franklin’s decision comes just as the museum’s completing its expansion, Bidwell replied, “I don’t know that there’s ever good timing. But the results of the project speak for themselves. Anyone walking into this building after the culmination of eight years of effort will say this is an incredible achievement and will easily see this is not the work of one man, it is the work of many people.”