Meredith Rosen. Courtesy: Meredith Rosen Gallery

Cofounder of New York Gallery Sargent’s Daughters Departs to Open New Space

Meredith Rosen, cofounder of the Lower East Side gallery Sargent’s Daughters, has left to open her own space in Midtown, Nate Freeman of Artnews reports. Located at 330 West Thirty-Fourth Street, the eponymous gallery will open in January. An exhibition of work by Jennifer Rubell will inaugurate the space.

Rosen opened Sargent’s Daughters with dealer Allegra LaViola in 2014. Previously, Rosen worked at the BravinLee gallery and LaViola operated a gallery in Sargent’s Daughters current home at 179 East Broadway for many years. Commenting on the split, she said, “I’m continuing the gallery myself. Sargent’s Daughters continues as planned, in the same location, with me and some collaborative stuff with other curators.”