A Max Ernst work from the Polo collection. Photo: El País

Collector Roberto Polo to Donate 7,000 Works to Spain

Roberto Polo, the Cuban American collector, philanthropist, and art historian, is loaning more than seven thousand works of modern and contemporary art to two Spanish institutions for the next fifteen years, Borja Hermoso of El País reports. The holdings will then be gradually ceded to Spain.

“The fact that it is going to Spain is a dream,” said Polo. “I will keep buying and collecting but I want the current collection to remain where it is. In August, I will turn sixty-six and the time has come to lay down some roots and leave a legacy.”

With works from the late nineteenth century to the present day, the collection focuses on central, eastern, and northern Europe and the United States, and includes artists such as Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, László Moholy-Nagy, Larry Poons, Martin Kline, and Karen Gunderson.

Beginning in summer 2018, Spain will refurbish Toledo’s thirteenth-century Convento de Santa Fe and a former public-records building in Cuenca, which was once a headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition, to house the works.

Polo, who began collecting at the age of nineteen, also announced plans to gift to Spain part of his famous library, comprising thousands of art-history books, including many first editions.