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Collectors Donate 150 Works by Joseph Beuys to Münster Museum

The German collectors Manfred and Ingrid Rotert of Osnabrück have donated their collection of one hundred and fifty works by Joseph Beuys to the Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History in Münster.

According to Monopol, the Roterts’ collection consists of Beuys’s well-known “multiples,” small-scale, affordable works that the artist produced in editions of a few to several thousands; his famous Felt Suit, 1970, a two-piece suit comprising a jacket and trousers made from coarse grey felt; the Capri-Battery, 1985, a yellow painted lightbulb that is plugged into a lemon; and The Silence, 1973, a stack of five film reels.

The Roterts began acquiring objects by Beuys in 1971. In an interview with the German daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Manfred Rotert said, “We were never so ambitious to own everything made by Beuys, but from our first purchase on, we knew: That’s it.”

The collection of rarely seen works will go on display in September and will remain on view for the rest of the year.