Maria Rus Bojan, Artur Trawinski, and Irmina Nazar. Photo: European ArtEast Foundation

Collectors Irmina Nazar and Artur Trawinski Establish European ArtEast Foundation

Alex Greenberger of Artnews reports that collectors Irmina Nazar and Artur Trawinski have founded a new organization dedicated to promoting Eastern European art. Its opening will coincide with the start of the Frieze Art Fair in October. The European ArtEast Foundation will award grants to institutions organizing Eastern European art exhibitions, fund the production of catalogues and books, and support emerging artist from the region.

“The foundation is aiming to promote research for a period that was ignored in Eastern European art history—namely, after the changes following World War II, when all these Eastern European countries turned to communism,” said curatorial advisor Maria Rus Bojan. “There were lots of artists who embraced this new ideology, therefore there were many artists during the ’50s and ’60s who were simply doing their job. But, because it was a period that was so contaminated with propaganda, nobody would touch that area.” Bojan hopes that the foundation’s work will help foster a new network of museums with similar goals.