Curator Appointed for Sixth Marrakech Biennale

Reem Fadda has been appointed as curator the sixth Marrakech Biennale, according to Artnet’s Alyssa Buffenstein. Fadda earlier directed the Palestinian Association of Contemporary Art. She has worked as an independent curator and held the role of academic director of the International Academy of Art, Palestine, and is currently associate curator of Middle Eastern art for Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Vanessa Branson—president and founder of the biennale—has stepped down from her position leading the festival.

“The project will investigate the political and economical implications of the ‘new’ and focus on the present by particularly looking at art from the Afro-Asian axis,” said Fadda.

Fadda’s appointment allays concerns among some that the biennale, with Branson’s departure, would cease to exist.