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Cyrus Tilton Wins Inaugural $25,000 Knudsen Prize

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento has announced that Cyrus Tilton, who lived and worked in the Bay Area, has been posthumously awarded its inaugural $25,000 John S. Knudsen Prize, which supports emerging or midcareer California artists who have not had a solo show at a museum. An exhibition of Tilton’s work, “The Cycle by Cyrus Tilton,” will open at the Crocker on March 25.

“Tilton received the award for the excellence of his overall body of work,” Scott A. Shields, associate director and chief curator at the Crocker Art Museum, said. Commenting on “The Cycle,” the artist’s series of sculptures depicting the life cycle of locusts, he said, “The pieces individually are powerful, but even more compelling as a group, making the overall installation compelling and poignant.”

Tilton’s upbringing in Alaska and deep connection to nature informed much of his work. He likened the locust to self-sabotaging consumers, whose ultimate end will come once their resources are depleted or a massive natural disaster resets the cycle. The artist died from esophageal cancer last month.