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Daisuke Tsuda Appointed Artistic Director of Aichi Triennale 2019

Journalist and author Daisuke Tsuda has been named the artistic director of the Aichi Triennale’s 2019 edition, Karen Cheung of ArtAsiaPacific reports. The exhibition will be held in Nagoya, the capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. Dates have yet to be announced.

Tsuda, who is editor in chief of the web-based media platform POLITAS and the representative director of the activist group Movements for Internet Active Users, said that he is interested in examining the power of art and journalism, as well the known and the unknown, in the upcoming triennial.

The selection panel that made the appointment included Tohoku University Graduate School professor Taro Igarashi, Kyoto City University of Arts professor Akiko Kasuya, Tama Art University president Akira Tatehata, the National Museum of Art Osaka chief curator Yasuyuki Nakai, Yamaguchi University professor Fujikawa Satoshi, Nagoya City University professor Mikako Mizuno, and Tama Art University professor Chihiro Minato, who served as the artistic director of the previous triennial, “Homo Faber: A Rainbow Caravan,” which showcased more than one hundred participating artists.