Dalit Matatyahu Promoted to Curator at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has announced the appointment of Dalit Matatyahu as its new curator of Israeli Art. She will take up the post in May, when Ellen Ginton, who has served as the institution’s senior curator of Israeli Art since 1987, retires.

Matatyahu said she is “delighted, anxious, and excited to take part in the processes of thought and definitions about Israeli art.” She added, “I believe in the power of the past and present art community to create a dialogue that begins with ‘self-appraisal’ and continues with action.”

Born in Jerusalem in 1969, Matatyahu has worked as an associate curator in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the museum since 2010. She curated the exhibitions “Yifat Bezalel: Tehilla” (2017), “Talush” (Rootless) (2016), and “Objektiv: Josef Albers, Oran Hoffmann” (2014).

Commenting on the appointment, Doron Rabina, the museum’s chief curator, said: “Dalit has a strong affinity to the written word and original perceptions of the visible. These will offer TAMA a fresh, fearless, and responsible touch with Israeli art.”