Dallas City Hall, designed by I. M. Pei.

Dallas’s Aurora Names Curators and Reveals Theme

Aurora, the Dallas biennial dedicated to the art of light, video, and sound, has announced that Dooeun Choi, Justine Ludwig, and Nadim Samman will curate its fifth edition, which opens in 2018.

The curators will invite artists to respond to the exhibition’s theme, “Future Worlds,” by imagining a series of possible futures. For the first time, the biennial will be held in the I. M. Pei–designed city hall as well as a variety of other venues across Dallas.

“Our aim is to be a city-wide project that expands through and beyond the scope of downtown Dallas,” said Aurora cofounder Joshua King. “By shifting the central exhibition footprint, the artist will have a fresh canvas to work with, while bringing attention to an iconic public space in the city.”