Dan Cameron Steps Down as Director of Prospect New Orleans

Prospect director and founder Dan Cameron has announced his resignation from the five year old organization, reports Doug MacCash of the Times-Picayune. The former curator of the New Museum stated that his decision to leave was partially due to financial troubles, notably over the Prospect.1, the New Orleans biennial that took place in 2008. The $5 million show, which was free to the public, went almost $1 million dollars in debt. “Some onlookers will always ask: ‘Isn’t that the director that incurred that debt?’” said Cameron. He added that he hopes “support will increase if local financial backers can be assured that it’s not Dan’s biennial, it’s the city’s biennial.”

Cameron also stated that as Prospect.1 and Prospect.2 were modeled on the standard biennial model, where a different curator is appointed to each show, he felt compelled to act within the “international art exhibit tradition,” writes MacCash. “I’m doing the best thing for Prospect,” said Cameron. “It’s time for us to join the ranks of biennials all over. I didn’t want to be one of those directors who just lingers.”

Franklin Sirmans, a curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is set to curate Prospect.3. The board has yet to appoint another executive director of Prospect. Cameron, who splits his time between New York and New Orleans, says that his future plans are still undecided.