Daniel Josefsohn

Daniel Josefsohn (1961–2016)

The German news agency Deutschen Presse-Agentur has announced that photographer Daniel Josefsohn died on Saturday morning at the age of fifty-four, Zeit Online reports. The cause of death was not disclosed. He is survived by his partner, Karin Müller, and their six-year old son.

Josefsohn was best known to the German public for his mid-1990s MTV poster-campaign, “Bitch,” featuring women in lascivious and provocative poses. The black and white posters were emblazoned with slogans such as “arrogant cow,” “consumer-addicted brat,” and “bitch.”

How work was also often featured in the pop culture magazines Tempo and Jetzt. In 2010 he became creative director of the avant-garde theater company Berliner Volksbühne (The People’s Theater), where he worked until he suffered a stroke in November 2012. In 2014, Josefsohn, together with his partner, documented his life before and after his stroke for Zeit magazine.

Hatje Cantz, who published a book of the Zeit images, said that the photographer “succeeded in balancing the line between provocation and humor, irony and political incitement, to be uncomfortable and loved.”

Vasco Boenisch, dramaturge of the art festival RuhrTriennale, said, “The void left by his premature death is immeasurable. So specific were his ideas, he was so gracious, with a child’s enthusiasm, a visionary, a world-class photographer.” Josefsohn had recently given a master class for young photographers at RuhrTriennale 2016 and photographed a project for the fair called “Bude Bett Bargeld.”