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David Findlay Jr. (1933–2015)

Noelle Bodick reports at Artinfo that David Findlay Jr., an art dealer who owned an eponymously named gallery on 57th Street in Manhattan and comes from a family of gallerists, died last Monday.

The first of the Findlays’ art galleries was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1870. David. B. Findlay, Findlay Jr.’s father, opened a gallery in New York in 1936 while his brother established another in Chicago. After working in his father’s gallery for ten years, Findlay Jr. started his own in 1982 and moved the business to its current space in 2000. His specialty was nineteenth and twentieth century American art. Findlay Jr.’s brother, Peter Findlay, also operates a gallery in Manhattan focusing on Impressionism. David Findlay Jr.’s gallery will continue under the supervision of Louis Newman and Lee Potter Findlay, Findlay Jr.’s daughter. The gallery represents artists such as Betty Parsons, Jack Wright, Vance Kirkland, and Leonard Edmondson.