Adolf Ulric Wertmüller, Portrait of George Washington, 1794–96. This painting, in the Davis Museum’s permanent collection, will be either removed or shrouded. Wertmüller immigrated to the United States in 1794.

Davis Museum at Wellesley College Protests Trump’s Travel Ban

As a gesture of protest against President Trump’s travel ban, the Davis Museum at Wellesley College will either shroud or deinstall all works in its permanent collection galleries made or given to the institution by United States immigrants. The museum is referring to the initiative as Art-Less.

Lisa Fischman, the Ruth Gordon Shapiro ’37 director of the museum, said, “Art-Less demonstrates in stark and indisputable terms the impact of immigration on our collections, and we proudly take the opportunity to signal that impact, to honor the gifts of creativity and generosity that make the Davis Museum and the Wellesley community great.”

Areas with removed and covered works will be marked by labels that say “made by an immigrant” or “given by an immigrant.” For instance, nearly 80 percent of the pieces in the African galleries will be obscured by black cloth, as they were donated by the Klejman family. The Klejmans immigrated to the United States from Poland after World War II, just five years before their daughter became a student at Wellesley College.