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De Appel Arts Center’s Director Fired

The Italian curator Lorenzo Benedetti, who has served as director and curator at Amsterdam’s De Appel for just fifteen months, has been abruptly fired by the center’s board according to Lorena Muñoz-Alonso at Artnet. De Appel’s CEO Alexandra van Huffelen told the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant that regarding the institution’s decision “[Benedetti’s] exhibition program was good, but De Appel has missed a leader in other respects: someone who inspires internally and externally and conveys a vision of the future.” In a more defensive tone, she also added: “to outsiders it might seem like a fast action to put Benedetti out of commission right now, but behind the scenes there have been problems for the past six months.”

Benedetti’s programming was embraced by the Dutch art community for his exhibitions of artists such as Melanie Gilligan, Michael Dean, and Michael E. Smith.