The protestors performing at the Louvre on March 5. Photo: Denis Meyer

Demonstrators at the Louvre Protest Museum’s Relationship to Oil Conglomerate

The French magazine Le Point reports that environmental activists staged an event at the Louvre on March 5 to protest the support the museum receives from the Total Foundation. The foundation, which funds various kinds of scientific research as well as many cultural projects, is an arm of Total S.A., a multinational petroleum corporation based in France.

About thirty activists gathered on the staircase surrounding the Winged Victory of Samothrace to line the area with black fabric—representing oil—and to release a cascade of fliers, which read: “Total supports the Louvre / The Louvre supports Total—#zerofossile.” The performance lasted approximately three minutes. The American nonprofit started a campaign in January demanding that the Louvre put an end to its relationship with Total. Le Point contacted the museum for a comment but received no response.

The Total Foundation has been a partner of the museum for twenty years. The umbrella group, which is made up of other pro-climate organizations such as Alternatiba, Greenpeace, and Friends of the Earth, takes responsibility for ending Tate Britain’s relationship with British Petroleum.