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Director of Seattle’s Frye Art Museum to Step Down

The director of the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, will be leaving in October 2016, reports The Stranger’s Jen Graves. Board president David Buck, a Seattle lawyer, said, “She’s done a fabulous job for us, and she’s one of the best curators in the world, so we’ve been very lucky to have her for as long as we have.”

The museum’s upcoming show, “Genius / 21 Century / Seattle,” features scores of Seattle artists: As Graves writes, “The Frye is the Seattle museum that has shown the greatest commitment to Seattle artists, and Birnie Danzker’s tenure has made that a calling card. Does the museum want to go in a different direction?”

Under Birnie Danzker’s tenure, the museum staged shows like “Mark Tobey and Teng Baiye: Seattle/Shanghai,” 2014, and “Mw [Moment Magnitude],” 2012. She was a director at the Museum Villa Stuck in Munich, Germany, for fifteen years. Before that she worked as curator and director at the Vancouver Art Gallery, for a decade.

“I think it’s very important to know when to move to the next challenge or the next stage of what it is that one wants to do,” Birnie Danzker said.