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Documentary Featuring Jihadists Confronts Censorship in France

It is still unknown whether the French documentary film, Salafistes, will open in cinemas on its scheduled release date of January 27th according to Le Figaro.

Shot between 2012–2015 in Mali, Mauritius, and Tunisia, the film intercuts jihadists discussing their ideologies with ISIS propaganda videos and amateur footage of the September 11th attacks in New York and the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

The film has already been the subject of a polemical debate in France. It was given rating of 18+ (extremely rare for a documentary), it has been recut to omit a scene showing the execution of the Parisian police officer stationed outside of the Charlie Hebdo offices on January 7, 2015, and is now awaiting approval of the French Culture Minister before it will open.

Speaking on French radio yesterday, filmmakers François Margolin and Lemine Ould Salem defended their documentary. Margolin said, “We are not advocating terrorism, we are just showing a discourse that exists.”