A picture of LD50.

East London Gallery Accused of Racism and Alt-Right Values

Anny Shaw of the Art Newspaper writes that the East London art gallery LD50 has been accused of promoting alt-right values. In a statement on the gallery’s website, its representatives say that art and culture have now become the exclusive provenance of the left, and that any viewpoints that may clash with leftist ideology are “now publicly vilified, delegitimated [sic] and intimidated with menaces.”

Many want LD50 shut down after a series of talks hosted by right-wing figures were organized at the space. Last summer the gallery had a “neoreaction conference,” with alt-right speakers such as Iben Thranholm (a Danish journalist and Christian who is an unremitting critic of European immigration policy), Peter Brimelow (an anti-immigration activist), and Brett Stevens (an editor at a far-right website based in the US who once applauded Norwegian mass murderer and racist Anders Breivik). The conference was followed up with an exhibition titled “Amerika,” which featured a cardboard dummy of Donald Trump and images of Pepe the Frog, a once innocuous internet meme that has been appropriated by the right.

Shut Down LD50 Gallery is a Tumblr blog that recently said the gallery “is using the cover of the contemporary art scene and academia to legitimize the spread of materials [that have drawn on fascist traditions] and the establishment of a culture of hatred,” and that LD50, “has been responsible for one of the most extensive neo-Nazi cultural programs to appear in London in the last decade.” Many artists have gone onto the blog to excoriate the gallery. LD50 has responded to criticism by saying “the role of art is to provide a vehicle for the free exploration of ideas, even and perhaps especially where these are challenging, controversial or indeed distasteful . . . Art should have exemplified this willingness to discuss new ideas, but it has just become apparent to us that this sphere now (and perhaps for the last few years) stands precisely for the opposite of this.”