Experimenter to Open Second Kolkata Space

Experimenter, the Kolkata-based contemporary art gallery located in the Gariahat area, has announced that it plans to open a second space in the city. Cofounded by husband and wife duo Prateek and Priyanka Raja in 2009, the gallery is dedicated to showing works by emerging and midcareer artists who push the boundaries of art. It has since expanded its program to include the Experimenter Curators’ Hub, a three-day initiative aimed at developing and sustaining discourse on curatorial practice, and Experimenter Books, its artists' book publishing arm, which was launched in 2016.

The new space will be housed on two floors of a 1930s mansion, which has been home to curator-writer Aveek Sen and his family for generations. Sen will continue to live in the home and will give a lecture, titled “The House with a Head,” that discusses his relationship to the architecture of the building when the gallery opens on February 28. Located at Ballygunge Place, the five-thousand-square-foot gallery was designed by Indian architect Rajeev Agarwal. A group show featuring works by Ayesha Sultana, Adip Dutta, Bani Abidi, Julien Segard, Krishna Reddy, Moyra Davey, Rathin Barman, and Samson Young will inaugurate the space. Titled “I Wish to Let You Fall Out of My Hands (Chapter II),” the exhibition is a continuation from Chapter I, which was staged at the gallery’s original location on Hindustan Road. The show explores “ideas of dislocation, memory, contemplation, and material and human relationships through painting, installation, video, sound, and sculpture.”