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Facebook Accused of Censoring Photo of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid

Social media site Facebook has provoked a public outcry by censoring a photo of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue by Edvard Eriksen, according to The Telegraph’s Mark Molloy. A member of Denmark’s parliament, Mette Gjerskov, was prevented from uploading a picture of the 102-year-old statue. Facebook apparently cited “too much bare skin or sexual undertones” as the problem, according to Danish press.

“I cannot advertise for my blog because TV2 chose the mermaid as the [main image],” said Gjerskov. “I hadn’t seen it coming that our national treasure would be categorized on the same level as child pornography and that sort of abomination.” Though Facebook later overturned the decision, broadcaster TV2 pulled the image anyway because of copyright laws that would have required a payment to the artist’s heirs.