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Jennie Lamensdorf and Tina Vaz. Photo: Facebook.
Jennie Lamensdorf and Tina Vaz. Photo: Facebook.

Facebook Hires Guggenheim’s Tina Vaz to Head its Artist Residency Program

Facebook announced Tina Vaz, the former deputy director of global communications at the Guggenheim Foundation, will join the company to head its artist residency program and Analog Research Lab. 

Vaz has been at the Guggenheim since 2011, where she has managed its marketing, public relations, and social media initiatives. She was previously the director of communications at the BMW Guggenheim Lab and the Guggenheim Helsinki and Abu Dhabi projects.

Jennie Lamensdorf, who works for the New York real estate firm Time Equities as director of its artist residency program, will also join the company. Lamensdorf will work under Vaz as the Bay Area regional lead for Facebook’s lab and residency program. They will both be based at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, joining a group of twenty-five curators and program administrators.

Facebook’s residency program was established in 2012 to commission site-specific art projects for company headquarters and local areas. Its criteria includes work that “explores human connection and community, expresses and cultivates empathy, and represents diversity of experience and helps raise social justice,” a representative told Artnet. Facebook has commissioned five hundred artworks globally and has two hundred planned for this year.

Analog Research Lab supports poster and printmaking projects for Facebook employees and was launched in 2010 as the company’s “heart and conscience.”

“As a community of builders and a catalyst for connection, Facebook has much to contribute to the global dialogue about the vital role of art in advancing ideas and innovation,” Vaz said of her appointment. Lamensdorf said: “This is an incredible opportunity to support the artists and designers making the most important work of our time.”