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Filmmakers' Petition Calls on French Government to Fix Conditions in Refugee Camp

Le Monde reports that a petition started by four French filmmakers (Nicolas Philibert, Ariane Doublet, Catherine Corsini and Christophe Ruggia) to improve conditions in a refugee camp in Calais, France, has been signed by 800 artists and intellectuals including: Jeanne Moreau, Claire Denis, Jean-Luc Godard, and Judith Butler.

First published on the website of French daily La Libération, the “Appel de Calais,” calls on French officials and citizens to keep borders open, create better temporary accommodations, and curb right-wing media outlets’ anti-immigrant propaganda. As Christophe Ruggia, one of the petition's authors, summarized at a press conference in Paris, “The government announced the creation of a camp with room for 1500 people, but 6000 people are living there today, and tomorrow?”

Located near the Eurotunnel to England, the refugee camp in Calais is commonly referred to by the French press as “the jungle.”