Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Musée du Louvre Sign Accord

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Musée du Louvre announced an agreement to collaborate on a series of exhibitions and exchanges for the next five years. This agreement includes collaborations on publications, art conservation projects, and public education programs. Richard Benefield, deputy director of the Fine Arts Museums, said, “It is incredibly exciting to be involved in bringing to the public, both in Paris and San Francisco, great works from our two illustrious institutions. The accord will not only bring forth new scholarship through the collaboration of our colleagues, but it will also give our visitors the opportunity to see great works of art from both museums in ways that would otherwise not be possible.’’ Under the terms of the accord, a committee composed of representatives from the two museums will meet once a year to determine what exhibitions, pieces from their collections, or educational programming will be exchanged. The partnership between the curators and conservators of the two institutions, as outlined in the agreement, “will result in a cultural exchange that is broader and deeper than either institution could achieve on its own.’’