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Former Director of Canadian Museum Found Guilty of Fraud and Forgery

Dorette Carter, the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s former director and curator, has been found guilty of fraud and forgery, reports Todd McEwen for Northumberland News. Carter had faced fifteen charges in total, including charges that she had defrauded the public over five thousand dollars. Prosecutors contended that she produced “a fraudulent check for $20,050” and further accused her of “falsifying donor documents with the intent to defraud.” She was found guilty on three separate charges.

Carter was arrested last year after a “police investigation into financial irregularities and missing artwork,” reports Karen Longwell in the Northumberland News. Twelve works are still unaccounted for in the museum’s permanent collection, according to gallery vice-president and acting treasurer Duane Schermerhorn. It’s not yet known if the missing artworks are related to Carter’s actions—however “funds from the sale of art in the gallery’s permanent collection were used for operating costs in 2013 and 2014,” wrote Longwell. “Artwork from the gallery’s permanent collections turned up on art auction blocks and there were discrepancies in the bank transactions.”