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Forty-Five-Foot Statue of Nude Woman Planned for Display in Washington, DC

Christina Caron of the New York Times writes that a four-story-tall sculpture of a nude woman, R-Evolution, created in 2015 by the artist Marco Cochrane for a Burning Man festival, will be installed on the National Mall in Washington, DC, for an event called “Catharsis on the Mall,” a gathering that aims to discuss and further social change (the event is scheduled to open November 10 and run through November 12, 2017, over Veterans Day weekend). The artist sees the work’s presence on the mall as a symbol that “invites viewers to imagine a world where women are safe and live without fear,” he said. “For her to be able to just stand there and express nothing, just to be present in the moment, is a really powerful statement.” The hope is that the sculpture, once erected, remains in place for up to four months.

It will cost $90,000 to move and put up the work, and as of October 2, a crowd-funding site has raised 30 percent of the needed funds. Though the statue is not meant as a direct statement to the Trump administration, the woman who modeled for the work, Julia Whitelaw—also the artist’s partner—acknowledges that the piece does stand as a kind of response to the president’s numerous offensive and sexist remarks he’s made about women. “We are hoping that he will see this sculpture and come experience her and change his perspective,” said Whitelaw.