Audrey Azoulay

France’s Minister of Culture Allocates Nearly $3.3 Billion in Funding for French Museums in 2017

Victoria Stapley-Brown and Hannah McGivern of the Art Newspaper write that Audrey Azoulay, France’s minister of culture and communication, said that she will be increasing funding to French museums in 2017 due to the decrease in tourism and the rise in security costs since the Paris terrorist attacks that took place last November in the Bataclan theatre, which killed 130 people. Azoulay will set aside nearly $3.3 billion—the largest amount of government money designated for the arts in the country’s history. There will be a twelve percent increase for acquisitions budgets for national and regional museums, and a five percent boost to museum budgets overall.

French tourism makes up about seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product. There were one million fewer visitors to Paris from January to June this year than there were during the same period of time in 2015, according to reports from the BBC. The estimated loss of money due to this drop is about $841 million.