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Frank Bernarducci to Open New Gallery in Chelsea

Frank Bernarducci, a longtime Fifty-Seventh Street art dealer, has announced that he will open a project space in Chelsea on October 3. Located at 529 West Twentieth Street, the gallery will specialize in precisionist realism. An exhibition featuring artists Ester Curini, Hubert DeLartigue, Max Ferguson, Park Hyung Jin, Sylvia Maier, Sharon Moody, and Nathan Walsh, among others, will inaugurate the new venue.

“I am looking forward to launching this next step of my career, and to creating a high-profile environment to more prominently exhibit the artists I have been championing for decades,” said Bernarducci. “Chelsea continues to be a burgeoning center of the contemporary art world, and I’m excited to create a space for these new precisionist painters in such a vibrant part of the city. The artists we are working with are at the pinnacle of their artistic output and this move will maximize our ability to exhibit these extraordinary, highly detailed works to a wider audience.”

Following in the footsteps of his father, Frank Bernarducci Sr., a painter and student of the Hans Hofmann School of Art who helped found the Phoenix Gallery in 1958, Bernarducci opened his first arts space, the Frank Bernarducci Gallery, across from Andy Warhol’s Union Square Factory in 1984. In the late 1980s, Bernarducci relocated to SoHo on Broadway and Prince Street, where he primarily continued showing emerging artists. Throughout the 1990s, he worked as director of Tastischeff and Co. and Fischbach Gallery, and in 2000 he opened Bernarducci Meisel Gallery with Louis Meisel, where they worked to establish and elevate the careers of numerous photorealist artists and other painters.