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Frank Gehry May Seek Refuge in France

A few days before the US presidential election, Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry contacted a French reporter to say, “If Trump is elected, Hollande said I could go into exile in France.” The reporter, Stéphane Dreyfus of La Croix, tweeted Gehry’s provocation on November 7.

Citing an interview Gehry gave to La Croix in early November, Le Figaro reports that the architect likened the possibility of a Trump presidency to contemporary architecture, saying, “Most buildings built in this world are not interesting. And people don’t care. They seem to be in denial. It’s this same kind of behavior that could lead to the election of Donald Trump.” Artforum’s November issue included an article by Ian Volner on the architecture of buildings developed by Trump.

Now that the election is over, it remains to be seen whether Gehry will in fact relocate to France, where the building he designed for the Vuitton Foundation in Paris is currently hosting an exhibition of work hailing from twentieth-century Russian collector Sergei Shchukin.