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Frank Gehry Reveals Renderings for $300 Million LA Sunset Strip Project

Frank Gehry has unveiled his designs for a proposed $300 million mixed-use development anchoring LA’s Sunset Strip, according to the Architectural Record’s Anna Fixsen.

Gehry’s initial renderings reveal five architecturally distinct buildings distributed across the 2.6-acre site around a central plaza. The 333,600-square-foot complex will offer 249 residential units. Two of the commercial buildings, “made from glass with cross-laminated timber mullions,” according to Fixsen, will be dedicated to retail: stores, cafés, and restaurants. Of three residential buildings, two will feature concrete frames, with the taller one capped by “a sculptural top of billowing glass.” And the central residential structure will have “a white, tubular facade ... that is evocative of a sea anemone.”

Gehry told the Record about his memories of the original LA site—the Garden of Allah hotel, which housed luminaries like Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. “It was all white, the Garden of Allah. It was low rise, a lot of incense burning, and people in flowing gowns,” he said. Discussing his new plans, he explained that residents and visitors “should feel that they are part of LA, a part of LA that has a culture that comes with it.”

It’s not Gehry’s only high-profile project of late: He has been quietly been working with city officials, pro bono, to draft a new master plan for the redevelopment of the Los Angeles River, as Artforum previously reported here.