Abraham Poincheval spent a week inside this rock “sarcophagus” as part of his solo exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

French Artist Emerges After Spending Week Inside a Boulder at Palais de Tokyo

As part of his current solo exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, French artist Abraham Poincheval spent seven days inside a small carved-out space between two six-ton rocks. Described as a “sarcophagus” in Le Figaro, the temporary habitat, which was constructed specifically for Poincheval’s performance, was equipped with ventilation, dried meats, and bricks of liquid.

Poincheval was filmed by an infrared camera during his endurance performance, and the live footage was shown as part of the exhibition. Museumgoers also witnessed his dramatic exit. On March 1, the artist appeared frail and “stunned” as he was helped out of the rocks and immediately examined by doctors.

Soon after, Poincheval began his second performance at Palais de Tokyo, which involves sitting on hen’s eggs for twenty-one to twenty-six days, until they hatch. During this period, museum visitors can observe Poincheval inside a vitrine-like vivarium.